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Olavina nildana serial Cast crew story

Olavina Nildana” is a popular Kannada television serial that aired on a popular television channel. It is a romantic drama series that revolves around the life of the main character, Nandini, and her journey of love and relationships. Here’s an overview of the main cast, crew, and story of “Olavina Nildana”:

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  • Nishvika Naidu as Nandini
  • Akshay Naik as Arjun
  • Gokul as Raghav
  • Sunil Puranik as Rajendra
  • Anushree as Megha
  • Shilpa Shetty as Bharathi
  • Prabhakar as Suresh
  • Niranjan Deshpande as Mahesh
  • Rashmi Prabhakar as Chitra
  • Jayashree Raj as Anuradha
  • Kala Krishnamurthy as Vasundhara
  • Shailaja Joshi as Subhadra
  • Chitra Shenoy as Parvathi


  • Director: G. K. Mudduraj
  • Producer: Gautham Machaiah
  • Production House: M/s. Mirth Productions
  • Music: Sridhar V. Sambhram
  • Cinematography: Prasad
  • Editing: Shashidhar Adapa


“Olavina Nildana” revolves around the life of Nandini (played by Nishvika Naidu), a young and independent woman who faces various challenges and experiences in her journey of love and relationships. The story follows her life as she navigates through different situations and emotions, dealing with family, friends, love interests, and societal norms.

Nandini’s life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Arjun (played by Akshay Naik), a charming and ambitious young man. The show explores their relationship and the challenges they face as they try to overcome obstacles and find love amidst various conflicts and dilemmas.

The serial also portrays the dynamics within Nandini’s family and her interactions with other characters in her life, including her supportive best friend Megha (played by Anushree), her strict father Rajendra (played by Sunil Puranik), and her caring grandmother Bharathi (played by Shilpa Shetty), among others.

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“Olavina Nildana” is known for its engaging storyline, strong performances by the cast, and its depiction of various emotions and relationships. The show has gained popularity among the Kannada television audience for its relatable characters and realistic portrayal of modern relationships and societal norms.

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