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Police diary serial cast crew and story

“Police Diary” is a popular Indian television crime thriller series that focuses on real-life police cases and their investigations. The show has a diverse cast and crew, and here’s an overview of the main cast, crew, and story:

Table of Contents


  • Naveen Krishna as Inspector Vikram
  • Akshay Ravi as Sub-Inspector Prathap
  • Achyuth Kumar as Police Commissioner
  • Deepa Gowda as Dr. Meghana
  • Vaishnavi Gowda as ACP Preethi
  • Anju Alva Naik as SI Rani
  • Vijay Chandur as ACP Vijay
  • Kiran Raj as SI Manjunath
  • Sudhindra Urs as SI Siddappa
  • Megha Shree as SI Bhavana
  • Prasanna Shetty as SI Prasanna
  • Pavithra Gowda as Bhoomika
  • Rajesh Nataranga as DCP Nataraj


  • Director: Manju Mandavya
  • Producer: Veerendra Shetty
  • Production House: Kasthuri Production
  • Music: Anoop Seelin
  • Cinematography: Kiran Hampapur
  • Editing: Suresh Armugam


“Police Diary” showcases real-life police cases and their investigations, based on true events. The show follows the daily life and work of Inspector Vikram (played by Naveen Krishna) and his team as they solve complex cases, unravel mysteries, and bring criminals to justice. Each episode presents a new case, and the team employs their intelligence, skills, and resources to crack the case and uphold the law.

The show depicts the challenges faced by the police force in dealing with various crimes, including murder, theft, kidnapping, extortion, and more. It sheds light on the investigative techniques, forensic methods, and legal procedures used by the police to solve cases and deliver justice. The show also delves into the personal lives of the characters, their struggles, and their camaraderie as they work together to maintain law and order.

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“Police Diary” is known for its engaging storytelling, realistic portrayal of police work, and strong performances by the cast. It has gained a wide viewership and appreciation for its depiction of real-life incidents and the efforts of the police force in solving crimes and maintaining law and order in society.

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