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Raaz mahal serial cast story

“Raaz Mahal” is an Indian television supernatural drama series that aired in 2021. It revolves around a mysterious palace that holds dark secrets and paranormal occurrences. Here’s an overview of the show’s cast and story:

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  • Vikram Singh Chauhan as Yakshadweep, the male protagonist
  • Adaa Khan as Lachachi, the female protagonist
  • Smita Bansal as Rani Bhairavi Devi, the antagonist
  • Rahul Sharma as Prince Bhanu Pratap Singh
  • Ankit Raaj as Jahnaveer Singh
  • Mystica Mukherjee as Rukmini
  • Mohit Sharma as Akbar, the evil spirit
  • Papia Sengupta as Thakurain Rajeshwari Devi
  • Radha Bhatt as Vaidehi, Yakshadweep’s sister
  • Ashwini Shukla as Iravati


“Raaz Mahal” follows the story of Yakshadweep (played by Vikram Singh Chauhan), who returns to his ancestral palace, Bhairavgarh, after many years. However, he soon discovers that the palace holds dark secrets and is haunted by supernatural entities. Yakshadweep is on a mission to uncover the truth behind the mysterious occurrences in the palace and seeks the help of Lachachi (played by Adaa Khan), a local girl with spiritual powers.

As Yakshadweep delves deeper into the mysteries of the palace, he encounters Rani Bhairavi Devi (played by Smita Bansal), an evil and powerful spirit who is determined to protect the palace at all costs. Prince Bhanu Pratap Singh (played by Rahul Sharma) and Jahnaveer Singh (played by Ankit Raaj) also play pivotal roles in the story, as they get entangled in the supernatural occurrences in Bhairavgarh.

The show is filled with supernatural elements, suspense, and drama, as Yakshadweep and Lachachi try to uncover the truth behind the haunted palace while battling evil forces. The story unravels with unexpected twists and turns, revealing the dark secrets of the palace and the tragic history behind it.

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“Raaz Mahal” is a gripping supernatural drama that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its intriguing storyline and compelling performances by the cast. With its mix of horror, mystery, and drama, the show has garnered a dedicated fan following since its premiere in 2021.

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