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Angel last mission cast

“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” is a South Korean television drama series that aired from May 22 to July 11, 2019, on KBS2. It is also known as “Dan, Only Love” or “Dan, the Angel”. The show is a fantasy romance drama that revolves around the story of an angel who is sent on a mission to help a blind ballerina find true love.

Main cast of “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”:

  1. Shin Hye-sun as Lee Yeon-seo: Shin Hye-sun portrays the character of Lee Yeon-seo, a talented but lonely ballerina who loses her sight in an accident. She is depicted as a strong and independent character who is determined to overcome her challenges and fulfill her dreams.
  2. L as Kim Dan / Angel L: L, also known as Kim Myung-soo, plays the role of Kim Dan, an angel who is sent to earth on a mission. He takes on the identity of a human, Kim Dan, and becomes a ballet student in order to fulfill his mission of helping Lee Yeon-seo. L’s portrayal of Kim Dan showcases his innocence, warmth, and determination to complete his mission despite the obstacles he faces.
  3. Lee Dong-gun as Ji Kang-woo: Lee Dong-gun portrays the character of Ji Kang-woo, a skilled ballet dancer who becomes Lee Yeon-seo’s ballet instructor. He is depicted as a strict and perfectionist character with a complicated past that intertwines with Lee Yeon-seo’s story.
  4. Kim Bo-mi as Geum Ni-na: Kim Bo-mi plays the role of Geum Ni-na, a fellow ballerina and Lee Yeon-seo’s rival. She is depicted as ambitious, cunning, and competitive, often trying to outshine Lee Yeon-seo in the ballet world.
  5. Kim In-kwon as Ki Joon-soo: Kim In-kwon portrays the character of Ki Joon-soo, the loyal secretary of Lee Yeon-seo’s family. He has been with Lee Yeon-seo since childhood and cares deeply for her, often providing guidance and support.
  6. Kim Seong-yeon as Choi Young-ja: Kim Seong-yeon plays the role of Choi Young-ja, Lee Yeon-seo’s devoted maid. She is depicted as a caring and protective character who is always by Lee Yeon-seo’s side.
  7. Woo Hee-jin as Jung Yoo-mi: Woo Hee-jin portrays the character of Jung Yoo-mi, the director of the ballet company where Lee Yeon-seo and Kim Dan are affiliated. She is depicted as a stern and ambitious character who has her own motivations and conflicts with Lee Yeon-seo.
  8. Do Ji-won as Koo Seon-hye: Do Ji-won plays the role of Koo Seon-hye, Lee Yeon-seo’s aunt who is the heiress of the ballet company. She is depicted as a cold and manipulative character who has her own agenda and conflicts with Lee Yeon-seo.
  9. Lee Ye-na as Lee Sun-mi: Lee Ye-na portrays the character of Lee Sun-mi, Lee Yeon-seo’s younger sister. She is depicted as a cheerful and supportive character who cares deeply for her sister.
  10. Gil Eun-hye as Kang Se-ri: Gil Eun-hye plays the role of Kang Se-ri, a fellow ballerina and friend of Lee Yeon-seo. She is depicted as a kind and talented character who provides support and encouragement to Lee Yeon-seo.
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Crew Member

  1. Director: The person who oversees and guides the creative and technical aspects of the film, working closely with the actors, crew, and other departments to bring the vision of the movie to life.
  2. Producer: The individual or team responsible for managing the financial and business aspects of the film, including budgeting, scheduling, and coordinating various aspects of production.
  3. Screenwriter: The person who writes or adapts the screenplay, which serves as the blueprint for the movie’s story, dialogue, and structure.
  4. Cinematographer: The director of photography (DP) responsible for overseeing the visual elements of the film, including lighting, camera angles, and composition, to create the desired look and feel of the movie.
  5. Editor: The person who assembles and arranges the footage shot during production into a cohesive and compelling story, including cutting, sequencing, and adding visual and sound effects.

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