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Mandela tamil movie cast

Mandela” is a Tamil-language film released in 2021, directed by Madonne Ashwin. The film features an ensemble cast of talented actors. Here is the cast of the “Mandela” Tamil movie:

  1. Yogi Babu as Nelson Mandela – The protagonist of the story, who is a common man with a unique name that leads to various comical situations.
  2. Sheela Rajkumar as Therese Mandela – Mandela’s wife, who supports him in his journey.
  3. Sangili Murugan as Martin – Mandela’s best friend and confidante.
  4. G. M. Sundar as Zondi – A local politician and antagonist in the movie.
  5. Kanna Ravi as Xavier – A journalist who plays a crucial role in Mandela’s journey.
  6. R. S. Shivaji as Inspector Sankar – A police officer who is on the hunt for Mandela.
  7. Ajay Sampath as Arivazhagan – A local goon who gets entangled in Mandela’s life.
  8. Ruben Vasanth as Inspector Felix – A police officer who aids Mandela.
  9. Arul D. Shankar as Poochandi – A local goon and antagonist.
  10. Bava Chelladurai as Jail Warden – A strict warden of the jail where Mandela is imprisoned.

These are the main cast members of the Tamil movie “Mandela.” They deliver powerful performances, bringing the story to life with their acting skills and portrayals of their respective characters.

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