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The king and i korean drama cast review story

“The King and I” (or “The Crowned Clown”) is a popular historical drama that garnered positive reviews for its performances, plot, and production value. It has been praised for its compelling story, engaging characters, and intricate political intrigues set in the backdrop of the Joseon dynasty.

Story line

The story of “The King and I” (or “The Crowned Clown”) revolves around Lee Hun, a commoner who becomes a stand-in for the king during the Joseon dynasty in Korea. Lee Hun is a circus performer who bears an uncanny resemblance to King Lee Heon, but he is unaware of his royal lineage.

In order to protect the king from assassination attempts, a plan is devised by the chief royal secretary, Lee Kyu, and the chief eunuch, Jo Nae-kwan, to have Lee Hun impersonate the king in public while the real king stays hidden. Lee Hun is trained to imitate the king’s mannerisms and speech, and he reluctantly agrees to take on the role of the king.

As Lee Hun assumes the identity of King Lee Heon, he faces numerous challenges and dangers in the royal court. He must navigate the treacherous politics and power struggles among the nobles and officials, as well as the intrigues of the queen consort, Yoo So-woon, and her ambitious brother, Kim Sun. Lee Hun also forms alliances with loyal friends, such as the royal guard Joo Ho-geol and the nobleman Jin-pyung, who help him in his efforts to protect the king and maintain order in the kingdom.

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As Lee Hun spends more time as the king, he begins to learn about the responsibilities and burdens that come with the position. He also develops feelings for Queen Yoo So-woon, which complicates matters as he grapples with his dual identity and the challenges of ruling a nation.

The king and i korean drama cast 

The main cast of “The King and I” (or “The Crowned Clown”) includes:

  1. Yeo Jin-goo as Lee Hun / Ha Seon – a commoner who becomes a double for the king.
  2. Lee Se-young as Queen Yoo So-woon – the queen consort of the king.
  3. Kim Sang-kyung as Lee Kyu – the royal chief secretary.
  4. Jang Gwang as Eunuch Jo Nae-kwan – the chief eunuch who serves the king.
  5. Yoon Jong-seok as Joo Ho-geol – a royal guard who befriends Ha Seon.
  6. Lee Moo-saeng as Shin Chi-soo – a trusted advisor to the king.
  7. Song Jae-rim as Kim Sun – a nobleman who schemes for power.
  8. Kwak Dong-yeon as Jin-pyung – a royal guard and friend of Ha Seon.
  9. Jang Young-nam as Dowager Queen Kim – the king’s mother.
  10. Oh Ha-nee as Jang Nok-su – a gisaeng (courtesan) who becomes involved in palace intrigues.

“The King and I” (or “The Crowned Clown”) is a story of political intrigue, romance, and suspense as Lee Hun struggles to maintain his facade as the king while navigating the dangers and complexities of the royal court. It explores themes of power, identity, loyalty, and love, and depicts the struggles of a commoner who finds himself thrust into the highest echelons of power in ancient Korea.

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